Specialized Services

Blasting and Coating

The most important component of any coating project is surface preparation. You need the surface roughness to achieve maximum bond strength of the coating system. Inadequate surface preparation is the major cause of all coating failures.

Alsaan is a technological leader in the world of mechanical surface treatment. Our specialties include industrial and commercial metal/sand blasting, whether on site or in our lay down facilities. We offer a complete range of machines to cover the key sectors in surface treatment technology, grinding, finishing and shot-blasting, all from a single source.

We will provide supreme satisfaction to our customers through the distribution of quality equipment, abrasives and services. We offer a complete range of machines to cover the key sectors in surface treatment technology, grinding, finishing and shot-blasting, all from a single source. Our blasting services can proficiently handle projects of any size – from bridges, tanks, to heavy construction and industrial equipment in our lay down area. We are constantly working with our customers to develop individual solutions to specific surface treatment problems. Our high standards have established Alsaan as a leading player within the surface preparation and finishing industry.With all the services and expertise under single roof, customers are assured of timely completion and outstanding results.

Rubber lining system

Rubber Linings are a premium form of corrosion protection for some of the most severe chemical and abrasive environments.

Alsaan UAE is a recognized expert in applying rubber linings for industries such as mining, water, power, oil, steel and chemical. With broad in-house and field know-hows, Alsaan provides turnkey service with unique solutions for challenging corrosion problems. Our well-trained personnel advise, install and support our customers in a flexible manner and with a distinctly high degree of technical competence.

Thermal Spray-Aluminium/Zinc/Monel/Stainless Steel

Global player in Thermal spray

Thermal sprayed coatings are extremely effective in increasing the component life and value, decreasing machinery down-time, and improving performance in a wide variety of applications.

We specialize in thermal spraying –Aluminium,Zinc,Monel and Stainless Steel processes.

We at Alsaan, are in the business of designing, developing and producing engineered thermal spray coatings and coated components for diverse applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and our extensive experience with thermal spray coatings, we can prepare and finish parts while integrating masking, tooling, and fixturing that are customized to your unique requirements. All thermal spray processes are within the scope of our capabilities, enabling us to offer specialized thermal spray coatings that improve equipment performance.

It is Alsaan’s quality policy to fully satisfy the needs of our customers in an economic and timely manner by improving our engineering processes and continuously providing high-quality application-specific coatings and coated components. Focusing on quality makes Alsaan a leaner, fitter organization, and one that is better equipped to win new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Alsaan in-house quality assurance programs guarantee that each project meets the required specifications and that all coated parts are systematically evaluated for coating structure, coating bond, oxide content, porosity, and thickness.

Focusing on quality makes Alsaan a leaner, fitter organization, and one that is better equipped to win new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Field joint

The field joint or the bare part of the pipeline surrounding the weld area is particularly susceptible to corrosion. To moderate this, we provide the finest equipment and experienced coating experts to apply field joint coatings and pipeline field coating repairs. Alsaan UAE, is a leading pipeline field joints coating company. We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients need onsite. Our well trained and qualified engineers can handle the toughest problems in field joints with relative ease. Overland pipeline construction work is where Alsaan served its apprenticeship.

We provide various coating services to the main line contractors and today this sector forms a major part of our business profile. Using bespoke but highly developed coating methods Alsaan offers a coating service that is fast and efficient but also clean, safe and commercially attractive. We understand the necessity of working alongside both the main contractors and owners to provide a total project service for field joint coating of your pipelines. We handle every challenge involved with working in remote pipeline locations

Internal and External Industrial Coating

At Alsaan, we strive to create coating systems that are efficient and easy to use. By using automation, the task of the coating operator is made a lot easier and so the risk of error and possible accident is significantly reduced compared to a total manual process. Using innovative technology in our coating apparatus has also meant that consumption and wastage are reduced as far as possible. Alsaan has designed coating machines that reduce overspray and coating material losses during application. This has helped us in achieving a healthy working atmosphere and literally eliminates any environmental impact.

Using our field experience of applying coating to bends, fittings, tees and even straight lengths of pipe, Alsaan will service the custom coating sector of the market with anti-corrosion coating (both internal and external), insulation coating and multi-layer coating as required. With excellent handling and quality control facilities customer’s can be assured of the same fast response and a quality of service that is provided in all our other operations.

Water proofing

Technologically Most Advanced Waterproofing Systems

We provide water proofing, weather proofing and restoration services for all types of structures. Using the most modern high output, plural component hot spray equipment, we can swiftly install large areas of methyacrilic waterproof membranes. Applications include large areas of concrete bridge decks and reservoirs, below ground storage and containment compartments. Our services range from remedial rectifications and repairs to brand new builds. For new builds we can assist from the design stage by specifying the best long term solution. For remedial works, we have the experience and up-to-date knowledge to suggest a solution for all internal and external waterproofing issues. We provide cost effective, high-tech solutions via value engineering to both old and new construction and maintenance projects.

The range of waterproofing products available from Alsaan is constantly updated for various applications such as Bridge Decks, Tunnels, Basements, Culverts, Roofs, Water tanks, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Reservoirs, Marine Structures and Building Waterproofing including Bathrooms, Kitchens, Water tanks, and Swimming Pools.

Powder coating

Powder coating is the smartest and most affordable way to refinish, restore and renew any metal product (aluminium, steel or wrought iron): We are known for our top quality finish powder coat. Whatever your powder coating needs, from architectural and commercial powder coating, we’ve solutions. We spend a lot of time doing the necessary surface preparation, which gives the adhesion that is so very important for long term performance. We cure the powder at higher and longer temperatures which gives outstanding durability.

GRP lining

GRP Lining has diverse applications including Corrosion Resistance, Structural Strengthening and waterproofing. They can be found in most if not all Water Storage Tanks, Sewerage, Cooling Towers, Chemical Plants, Fire Fighting Networks, Cross country Pipeline Networks, Other Pipeline Networks, Water Transmission Pipelines, Chemical Storage Tanks, Tank Roof Lining.

It’s an effective alternative to component replacement. A GRP lining will completely and seamlessly seal the leaking sewers/ducts and is unaffected by settlement of hairline cracks and remains maintenance free for up to 50 years and more. It offers a new life to damaged/eroded walls providing a long term, secure environment at a fraction of the cost of a total rebuild. Internal wall and floor surfaces are prepared by grit blasting, or a similar technique and failed surfaces repaired. A suitable GRP lining is then selected and applied onsite by Alsaan’s highly skilled engineers. Existing sewers/ducts of insufficient capacity can be easily upgraded. Based on our vast experience, highly trained technicians, professionalism and high quality standards, we have become one of the most respected GRP liners in the Middle East.

GRP Lining has diverse applications across industries. Some of the application industries / products where we offer our services are: Corrosion Resistance for Structurals

  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Sewerage
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chemical Plants
  • Fire Fighting Networks
  • Cross country Pipeline Networks
  • Other Pipeline Networks
  • Water Transmission Pipelines
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Tank Roof Lining
  • Structural Strengthening