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Our Story

Since 2020, We are providing corrosion protection materials and engineering service.

Alsaan is a leading provider of corrosion protection materials and engineering services. We offer corrosion protection solutions for every industrial market including pipeline, refinery, storage tanks, water, wastewater, concrete, infrastructure, offshore and marine. Our coatings and linings are used extensively in Oil and Gas, Mining, Marine, Petro Chemical, Power, Infrastructure and Structural Steel industries. Our company has the expertise, knowledge, quality control and manpower to provide engineering services with “on-time” deliveries. The wide-range of services that Alsaan provides helps us standout from our many competitors. This coupled with its dedication to the pursuit of excellence, innovation and quality, positions Alsaan well above all in the field of corrosion management. Alsaan’s large technology base and pool of experienced personnel enable it to offer integrated services that are so vital to the industry sectors requiring utility & pipeline services and industrial coatings & linings. As one of the largest and the most technologically advanced coating, blasting and spraying facilities in the Middle East, we are well-equipped to handle projects of all sizes while ensuring timely delivery, world-class quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

At Alsaan, we believe that the foundation of success is built upon able commercial management, operational efficiency, quality assurance and most importantly safety and environmental awareness. It is our duty and responsibility to preserve and protect our environment. Alsaan is a responsible member of the community as we strictly adhere to the local and national standards of all our manufacturing procedures and operations. Moreover, Alsaan is always looking to improve our efforts to reduce our burden on the environment.

It is Alsaan’s quality policy to fully satisfy the needs of our customers in an economic and timely manner by improving our engineering processes and continuously providing high-quality application-specific coatings and coated components.

We strongly believe that our success is mainly due to our quality, from the way we operate, to the customer service standards they set and the products we deliver. Focusing on quality makes Alsaan a leaner, fitter organization, and one that is better equipped to win new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Our team of corrosion protection professionals includes NACE International Certified Professionals, who will provide corrosion control monitoring, design and deliver your project on time and on budget. The custom-built nature of the service enables the company to respond swiftly and accurately to individual customer requirements. Our expertise encompasses workshop based repairs or rehabilitation of industrial equipment and mobilization to site, to reduce costs due to the onset of corrosion.

Our Technology

Introducing New Technology into the Workplace

Amid this ever-changing environment, our research and development team implements new technologies at the first feasible moment. First time in the Middle East, we are introducing the Mobile Operating Technology (MOT), in metal spraying and internal/external industrial coating services. Our technically know-how workers offer a mobile service; we have the ability to arrive, do the needed job and depart after completing the work with total ease. In sum, we go to spot with equipments and change the world. As a result, we are reducing our customer’s costs, capital expenditures, and selling assets to regain their financial flexibility as swiftly as possible.

High-tech facilities and services under single roof

Alsaan is dedicated to providing products and services of the highest quality level to commensurate with the state-of-the-art in the industries it serves. Our objective is to offer safe and reliable services which meet in all respects the specifications published by the company. We are responsible for ensuring a consistent, high standard of product and services and a high-level of customer satisfaction at all times. Our highly-motivated know-how employees ensure continual support of our customers. We develop tailor-made solutions for your specific demands.