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Industry Leader in Rubber Lining
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We are a recognized expert in applying rubber linings for industries such as mining, water, power, oil, steel and chemical…

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Introducing MOT into the workplace
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First time in the MiddleEast, we are introducing the Mobile Operating Technology (MOT), in metal spraying and Internal/External industrial coating services

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High Tech Facilities & services under single roof
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Alsaan is dedicated to providing products and services of the highest quality level commensurate with the state-of-the-art in the industries it serves

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Global player in thermal spray
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We are in the business of designing, developing, and producing engineered thermal spray coatings and coated components for diverse applications

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Your coating specialist
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At Alsaan, we strive to create coating systems that are efficient and easy to use…

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We are the providers of Corrosion control, Protection materials and Engineering services

Since 2020, Alsaan is one of the leading providers of corrosion control/protection materials and professional engineering services. We offer a wide range of innovative corrosion control solutions to corrosion problems in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, and utilities.

As one of the largest and the most technologically advanced coating, blasting and spraying facilities in the Middle East, we are well-equipped to handle projects big and small while ensuring timely delivery, world-class quality and unmatched customer satisfaction. At Alsaan, we believe that the foundation of success is built upon able commercial management, operational efficiency, quality assurance and most importantly safety and environmental awareness. It is our duty and responsibility to preserve and protect our environment. Alsaan is a responsible member of the community as we strictly adhere to the local and national standards of all our manufacturing procedures and operations. Moreover, Alsaan is always looking to improve our efforts to reduce our burden on the environment.

It is Alsaan’s quality policy to fully satisfy the needs of our customers in an economic and timely manner by improving our engineering processes and continuously providing high-quality application-specific coatings and coated components.


Blasting & coating, Internal/External Industrial Coating, Rubber Lining Systems, Water proofing, Thermal spray, Powder coating , GRP lining, Field joint.

Blasting & Coating

Alsaan is a technological leader in the world of mechanical surface treatment. Our specialties include industrial and commercial metal/sand blasting

Internal/External Industrial Coating

we strive to create coating systems that are efficient and easy to use. By using automation, the task of the coating operator is made a lot easier and so the risk of error and possible accident is significantly reduced compared to a total manual process. Using innovative technology in our coating apparatus has also meant that consumption and wastage are reduced as far as possible

Water proofing

We provide water proofing, weather proofing and restoration services for all types of structures. Using the most modern high output, plural component hot spray equipment, we can swiftly install large areas of methyacrilic waterproof membranes. Applications include large areas of concrete bridge decks and reservoirs, below ground storage and containment compartments.

Specialized Services

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